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Patricia's journey into the art world started at a very young age in Jersey City, NJ, with endless drawings on walls and coloring her patent leather shoes, much to her mother's frustration. She moved to Colombia as a young child, an experience that would influence her and her work once back in the states.


Patricia is a graduate from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  She minored in Art Therapy and was able to see first hand the power of art in healing through internships in Manhattan and Jersey City, NJ.


After acquiring her B.F.A. in illustration, she moved to the Northwest. Further education in the graphic arts led to job opportunities for Eddie Bauer Corporate and Garden Botanika Corporate.


Connections, stories, history, they are present and prominent themes in her work. As a Hispanic American, she feels the responsibilty of living in two very diverse cultures. It is the journey, of defining her place in both that steers her work to finding commonalities between the two worlds she inhabits.

The Bridge
At The Car Wash
Winter scene
Stepping Stones
Still Life
Eternal Sunshine
Wave After Wave
Figure Study
The Errett
The Hike
Arranging Time
Earth and Stone
Farm Chair
Farm Wall
The Tower
The Water spigot
Holy Gourds!
The Nunnery
Mi Tio
The Treasury District
Hidden City
The Secret Lives of Daydreams
The Unexpected Visitor

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