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About Patricia



Patricia's journey into the art world started at a very young age in Jersey City, NJ, with endless drawings on walls and coloring her patent leather shoes, much to her mother's frustration.  She lived two brief years in Medellin Colombia as a young child, an experience that would influence her and her work once back in the states.


She earned her B.F.A from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where she also had the opportunity to study Art Therapy.  She was able to see first hand the power of art in healing through Art Therapy internships in Manhattan and New Jersey.


Patricia relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 1992 and worked in the graphic arts for local corporations.

She completed the EDGE Program through the Artist Trust as she continues to grow in the local arts community.


Patricia is an artist who currently resides and works on Bainbridge Island where she has a painting studio in the Lynwood neighborhood.



“My blank canvases are playgrounds where my subconscious and creativity meet. Like children at recess, I never know if they will get along” 

Patti Orellana
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