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Peaceful Spring Designs

Peaceful Spring Designs is the jewelry studio of mine-Theresa Killgore.  I see the finished pieces in my mind’s eye then have to backwards engineer how to do them.  I design both “serious’ and “fun” jewelry with no two pieces the same.  My goal is to make you feel happy, special, and get lots of compliments when you wear my jewelry.  Have fun and be bold!

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Orellana Studio

Connections, stories, history, they are present and prominent themes in my work. As a Hispanic American, I feel the responsibility of living in two very diverse cultures. It is the journey of defining my place in both that steers my work to finding commonalities between the two worlds she inhabits.

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Lino Tagliapietra

LINO TAGLIAPIETRA was born in 1934 in Murano, Italy and became an apprentice glassblower at age 11. Even at a young age Lino exhibited an immense dexterity for glass and was appointed the title of “Maestro”, an honor reserved for only the best glassblowers, when he was just 21 years old. In 1979, Lino visited Seattle for the first time and introduced students at the Pilchuck School to the long tradition of Venetian glassblowing. This cross-cultural collaboration helped shape the identity of American glass blowing and offered Lino an opportunity to expand his horizons internationally. Now in his 80s, with over 70 years of experience, the Maestro splits his time between Murano and Seattle. 


Tagliapietra’s unique pieces are present in some of the most prestigious museums throughout the world, including the De Young Museum of San Francisco, the Victoria and Albert Museum of London, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, as well as numerous galleries and private collections. His recent accomplishments include: being awarded a Medal from the Toyama Prefecture of Japan for his achievements in glass art in 2021; heading the board of the Glass Art Society Conference in 2018; receiving an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Fine Arts by the Ohio State University in 2012; being chosen for the renowned “Phoenix Award” in Venice, Italy in 2011. 


The artist currently has two showrooms, one in the heart of the glassmakers’ island of Murano and one in Seattle, the epicenter of Lino’s artworks in the Pacific Northwest. Lino Tagliapietra Inc is now ready to open a small studio in Bainbridge Island by appointment only, which will house a small selection of his incredible creations.